Gypsies Dream

Gypsies Dream - Copyright (C) Lanai Kinsky


Gypsies fascinate many with their attention to elaborate jewelry and detail. While we may not want to wear the entire outfit, a bit of Gypsy attitude can add spark to any outfit.

Use vertical netting to make The Gypsies Dream. The supplies make up to a 19 inch necklace. This necklace should sit on the collar bone. It forms a perfect circle around the neck.

Gypsies Dream

Kit contents:

  • Step by step, fully illustrated instructions
  • 5 colors size 11 seed beads
  • 4mm daisy spacers
  • 3mm fire polish beads
  • 4mm fire polish beads
  • 1.8 mm cubes
  • 2/5mm Super Duos
  • 8mm seed beads
  • 1 toggle
  • One-G thread
  • plastic carrying box

Kit Number: 49

Level: Intermediate

Price: $66.00

Available Colors:


Gypsies Dream - Coral Price: $66.00

Blue and Gold

Gypsies Dream - Blue and Gold Price: $66.00

Greens, Teals, and Gold

Gypsies Dream - Greens, Teals, and Gold Price: $66.00

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